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Ibis bandung trans studio is the largest ibis in asia, strategically located in trans studio integrated complex, shopping mall and indoor theme park. visit.Discover the hotel ibis bandung trans studio. mr. patrick sibourg, the manager of the ibis bandung trans studio hotel, would like to welcome you..

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... 、保險箱等。 - Picture of Ibis Bandung Trans Studio, Bandung
Trans Studio Bandung
Map Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung - Official Website

Copyright© 2011 TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG. All rights reserved. ( Integrated with Trans Studio Mall | The Trans Luxury Hotel | Ibis Hotel Trans Studio Bandung) @.

ibis bandung Trans Studio | Economy Hotel in Bandung

ibis Bandung Trans Studio is the largest ibis in Asia, strategically located in Trans Studio Integrated Complex, Shopping Mall and Indoor Theme Park. Visit.

Trans Studio Bandung - Official Website

@transstudiobdng studio Bandung.